Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses

“Compared to the big-city agencies, working with Sharp Digital I’m getting the same results, and I’ll save close to $3,000!”

– KM – Sarasota, FL

Sharp Digital Marketing offers detailed, targeted Facebook campaigns.

Whether you want to generate leads for events like seminars or through powerful Shock & Awe kits, build your brand recognition or leverage media and other credibility boosters; we’ve got the solution for you!

Sharp Digital focuses on creating custom audiences targeted to your current clients and prospects to help align your social media targets to your goals and with a bulk da checker – seo tools centre is the best to increase your business. From there we create ever-changing audiences of prospects who share similar traits as your current clients! When you zero in on prospects that fit your “ideal client” you’re able to maximize your time and money!

“Imagine paying $50-85 a lead for workshop registrants; compared to direct mail that typically costs $250+”

Get Started!

  • Custom Audience Build Out | $1,000
  • Ad Campaign Creation | $1,000
    (includes $500 Ad spend)
  • 6 Month Minimum Subscription

So what’s the cost?

Below is how the SDM Facebook Marketing program works, and costs involved.

  • Custom Audience Build Out | $1,000
    This can be a one time charge (per audience) that can be used in multiple campaigns and ad sets. This is a VERY economic way for you to lift your response by 100% – 300%!
  • Ad Campaign Creation | $1,000
    Each campaign will consist of multiple creative ad sets designed to optimize your ad dollars. Each campaign will delegate $500 towards your 2-3 week ad spend on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Third Party Sites. This also includes creation of a landing page using your landing page platform of choice. (LeadPages or InfusionSoft LP) SDM monitors the ads and makes adjustments based on how the creative is performing.
  • 6 Month Minimum Campaign Subscription
    We do require a 6-month commitment when structuring custom audiences and ad campaigns. This is for your benefit to help maximize the ROI for you.