Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses

“Compared to the big-city agencies, working with Sharp Digital I’m getting the same results, and I’ll save close to $3,000!”

– KM – Sarasota, FL

Sharp Digital Marketing offers detailed, targeted Facebook campaigns.

Whether you want to generate leads for events like seminars or through powerful Shock & Awe kits, build your brand recognition or leverage media and other credibility boosters; with the Candy Marketing Liverpool we’ve got the solution for you!

Sharp Digital focuses on creating custom audiences targeted to your current clients and prospects to help align your social media targets to your goals and with a bulk da checker – seo tools centre is the best to increase your business. From there we create ever-changing audiences of prospects who share similar traits as your current clients! When you zero in on prospects that fit your “ideal client” you’re able to maximize your time and money! To boost your digital marketing, visit a site like this https://victoriousseo.com/blog/seo-checklist/.

Your presence on Facebook begins with your business page’s profile. Besides your posts, your business page can be the first introduction to your organization for potential customers. You might take a look at the profiles of some competitors to make certain yours measures up.

Financial marketers and agencies have been adjusting to how they use the social media platform, which brings in billions of dollars of advertising in the U.S. and Canada alone. Down the road, financial institutions may need to (or want to) readjust the philosophy behind their Facebook campaigns, it’s easy to achieve with the help of a professional, here is some tips on how to show proof of income to your finance manager to keep track of your moves and money invested in your marketing campaigns. The rule changes affect not only Facebook itself but also Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, as well as Facebook Messenger.

These basic tips will help you turn your profile into an effective tool for marketing and customer service:

Graphics: Upload your business logo as your profile picture and include a professionally designed cover.
Information: Add as much information as possible to your profile, including compelling messages in your About Me and Our Story sections.
Call to action: Be sure to take advantage of the call-to-action button located on the right side just below your banner image. This will help those who visit your page more easily learn about your business or get in contact with you. Just make sure your call to action matches your buyer’s intent. You can also include other actions in your page menu.
Tips to Make Organic Connections on Facebook
You don’t have to pay to create a business page, and you can also make posts to your page for free. Make sure you actively post and monitor post activity. Once you create a post, Facebook will offer you the opportunity to pay for more visibility.

However, before you decide what to post, make sure you have thought about the kind of message you want to send. When you’re starting out, you may just hope to grow your audience. Of course, your eventual goal will include increasing your customer base by turning your fans into customers and keeping customers you already have. Either way, clear goals will help you decide which kind of content to produce and use.

“Imagine paying $50-85 a lead for workshop registrants; compared to direct mail that typically costs $250+”

Get Started!

  • Custom Audience Build Out | $1,000
  • Ad Campaign Creation | $1,000
    (includes $500 Ad spend)
  • 6 Month Minimum Subscription

So what’s the cost?

Below is how the SDM Facebook Marketing program works, and costs involved.

  • Custom Audience Build Out | $1,000
    This can be a one time charge (per audience) that can be used in multiple campaigns, Professional photography from amazon product photography and ad sets. This is a VERY economic way for you to lift your response by 100% – 300%!
  • Ad Campaign Creation | $1,000
    Each campaign will consist of multiple creative ad sets designed to optimize your ad dollars. Each campaign will delegate $500 towards your 2-3 week ad spend on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Third Party Sites. This also includes creation of a landing page using your landing page platform of choice. (LeadPages or InfusionSoft LP) SDM monitors the ads and makes adjustments based on how the creative is performing.
  • 6 Month Minimum Campaign Subscription
    We do require a 6-month commitment when structuring custom audiences and ad campaigns. This is for your benefit to help maximize the ROI for you.